Frequently Asked Questions

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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • Can I attend traffic school to reduce the points on my driver's license?

  • Can I do Community Service rather than pay a fine?

  • Can I make payments on my fine or must I pay the full amount?

  • Can I speak to the Judge in an attempt to resolve my case?

  • Do I have to appear in court?

  • Do I need an attorney to represent me in court?

  • Do I qualify for the services of a court appointed lawyer?

  • How can I get my witnesses to appear in court?

  • How can I request a continuance on my trial date?

  • What can I expect at my trial?

  • What if I need special accommodations for my disability?

  • What is an arraignment?

  • What is the difference between please of not guilty, guilty and nolo contendere (no contest)?

  • What should I expect from the security screening process?

  • Where can I find information on my charge(s)?

  • Where can I park?

  • Where is the court located?