Historical Resources Commission

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The purpose of the Historical Resources Commission (HRC) is to act as the official advisor to the City of Reno on matters relating to the historic preservation of cultural resources and buildings. The Commission recommends to the Council possible uses and funding options for historic buildings, places and sites. The HRC also suggests policy and ordinance changes to the City Council relating to historic building and sites. 


The commission consists of 7 members, who are residents of the State of Nevada. At all times, five commissioners shall be residents of the City of Reno.

The commission is composed of the following: 

  • One position held by a person who is a registered architect in the State of Nevada;
  • One position held by a person who is recommended by the state historic preservation officer;
  • One position held by a person who is a licensed structural engineer in the State of Nevada and has at least two years of related work experience; and
  • One position held by a person who has a graduate degree in history and at least two years of related work experience.
  • Two positions held by persons who have historic preservation or related expertise.

The regular term of membership is three years. 

Typical Duties

  • Protect the historic integrity of the City of Reno for the citizens of the community, visitors, investors, and property owners.
  • Promote the economic, cultural, historical, and educational well being of the community.
  • Enhance pride in the historic accomplishments within the City of Reno.
  • Provide mechanism for identifying and preserving the historic and architectural resources of the City of Reno which represent elements of the city's cultural, social, economic, political, and architectural history.
  • Educate the citizens of Reno to the benefits of historic preservation of structures, areas, sites, neighborhoods, and other historic resources correcting existing and preventing further urban blight.
  • Establish a preservation plan which includes all historic districts, structures, areas, sites, and other historic resources which are listed or are eligible for the National State or City Register of Historic Places

Time Commitment

The HRC usually meets the second Thursday of every other month, and the meetings last approximately 1-3 hours.  Additional time may be spent on special projects.   Please read the Historical Resources Commission By-lawsTrò chơi rất cao for more information.

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